Mechanical and Structural engineering designs are carried out in accordance with recognised national and international standards.

Fabrication and Welding

• Onsite Material Preparation, Fabrication and Welding bays.

• A wide range of fabrications are manufactured in both Carbon and Stainless Steels.

• Plate profiles are produced by a Computer Aided Manufacturing System in conjunction with Flame and Plasma cutting machines.

• Welding is carried out by Mig, Tig, Manual Metal Arc and Sub Arc processes to procedures. All welders are fully qualified.

• Interim inspections are carried out during the Fabrication and Welding stages by Supervisors and Quality Assurance personnel to ensure all items are manufactured strictly in accordance with contract and drawing specifications


We offer customers a wide variety of machining services. Large and heavy fabrications and specialised oil related equipment are machined on Horizontal Boring and Milling machines.

These large High Tech machines are backed up by a range of conventional machines covering: – Turning, Milling, Slotting, Drilling and Vertical boring. The experience gained by Allgo is wide and varied – machining covers a complete range from small intricate components to large fabrications.

Machining Range:

• Horizontal Boring

• Conventional milling

• Centre Lathes

• Vertical Boring & Turning.

• Open Sided Planing

• Grinding, Drilling and Keyseating

Assembly and Testing

It is our policy to carry out, where practical, the complete assembly and testing of components and machines prior to dispatch to site for installation and commissioning.


All Machines are completely assembled and tested in the factory so that installation time on-site is minimum. Depending on the scale of the upgrading or refurbishment work, this can either be carried out on-site, or in the factory.

Structural steel Work

Allgo Mechancial Engineering are an experienced manufacturer of Structural Steelwork.

• Industrial Pipe Bridge Support Structures

• Industrial Gantries

• Industrial Access Towers

• Industrial Link Bridges

• Industrial Machinery Support Structure

The material of construction worked is predominantly various grades of carbon steel in finishes including galvanised, painted or powder coated.

Construction Codes include the National Structural Steelwork Specification for Building Construction and referenced British


1) Quality engineered parapet structures supporting a vehicle bridge crash barrier.

2) Plate fabricated bespoke beams for a vehicle bridge.

3) Railway viaduct metal bridge structures.

Special Fabrications

We offer a service to design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke special fabrications according to customer requirements.

Often incorporating hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical/electronic technology such examples of special fabrications include :

• Pneumatically Operated Large Industrial Air Valves

• Water Treatment Lamella Settlement Tanks

• Hydraulically Operated Waste Compaction Equipment

• Rapid Deployment Recovery Equipment

• Offshore Pontoons

• Lead Casting Moulds

• Including prototypes, one-offs and multiple production runs.

• Bridge work

• Railways Repairs

• Railings and Gates